Responsible Gaming

Mobile gaming can be addictive. Learn how you can prevent developing gambling problems with responsible gaming.

Responsible Gaming

Knowledge about potential problems related to mobile casino gaming can help control your gaming. Several tools can prevent you from spending too much money or time at the mobile casino. Below you can learn more about these.

Gaming Budget

One of the first things you should consider doing before start playing is to get control over how much money you can afford to spend at the casino. It is important to remember that the casino has the upper hand and a better edge, so in the long run, the casino will win.

Finding your income should be easy enough. What can be more tricky is to find all your expenditures. Some of them are recurring every month, but every now and then we get a surprise. To avoid losing control over that, you should save some money for any rainy day that might come.

When you know your income, expenditure, and the rate of saving you want to keep, you can deduct the expenditures and the savings from your income. What you have left is what you can afford to spend at the casino.

Gaming Limits

We know that many players add a deposit limit of €10000 or more for a month. In many of these cases, the player practically does not have any limit. €10000 is a lot to spend on the casino, and for many, this number can be more than their monthly income.

We strongly recommend that you adjust the limit to suit your budget. Also, if you are playing at several different casinoes, then the total of all gaming limits combined should suit your budget. Otherwise, the deposit limit might not be of much help.

Normally, when adding a gaming limit, it will be activated instantly. The same applies when you adjust your limit to a lower value. If you adjust your limit to a higher value, there will be 7 days cooling-off period. There can be variations, so before adding or adjusting the gaming limit, check how it works on your casino.

Some of the responsible gaming limits you can find are:

  • Deposit limit
  • Loss limit
  • Wager limit
  • Time limit


Sometimes we receive a surprising bill, or we may have a lower income for a period. We can also experience problems socially. In times like that, you should not play on the casino. We recommend that you close your account and focus on solving the problems before you again can enjoy the casino games.

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